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Goldentuler Barristers Injury Lawyer

Medico-Legal Services conveniently located along with medical services

If you are an accident victim in Toronto or in southern Ontario, you feel confused and that your life is falling apart. You are in severe pain and need treatment. You are disabled from work and loosing income. Who do you turn to for help?

You need to hire a lawyer (not a paralegal) who specializes in insurance litigation and car accident claims. We will co-ordinate your treatment, transportation and personal finances to put your life back together quickly.

Many lawyers say they do car accidents and slips and falls, but they also do every other type of law. They are “jacks of all trades and masters of none. “We only practice one type of law, and we do it very well”. Of the few Toronto Personal Injury Law Firms that only really do motor vehicle accident and slips and falls,  our reputation stands out.